Introducing Build a Box

Introducing Build a Box
🎁🐝🎁"Build a Box"🎁🐝🎁
Have you ever wanted to order just one or a few items before, but didn't want to pay the £3 postage? Want to avoid multiple parcels arriving all the time?
It's not worth paying the postage rate sometimes for 40g of wax when for £3 you can get an almighty 18 Giant Snaps😍, around 42 large pots or 85!!! smalls.
Our "Build a Box" allows you to go through checkout, click the Open or add to your Build a box tab and then no postage is added. We'll know you want a box starting so your waxy delights will be placed into your box and then put to one side until you decide you'd like it sent.
To add to your box simply click the "open or add to my build a box" tab and we'll see you're wax hoarding (which is totally acceptable😉)
You can add to the box as many times as you like, also contact us at any point for a weight update.
Once you're ready for your box to be sent, send us a message and we will weigh your box and if not purchasing anymore wax we will send you an invoice depending on the weight and service you require.
If placing an order and then closing your box, add the wax to your basket, go through the process of adding to the box then message us for a shipping invoice. We can chat about the weight of your box and service you require so there is no disputing the service you'll receive.
Once a box is open you will have 90 days to close the box and pay postage.
If postage payment isn't paid within the 90 days a final invoice for the postage costs will be sent to the email address associated with your order.
Orders will be sent within one working day of postage being paid.
For any further questions please message the page and someone will get back to you ASAP
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