When will my order ship?

Normally, the majority of orders are shipped the next working day. HOWEVER after a large restock event this can be up to two working days. Carpet Fresheners, hanging car fragrances and Grab Bags are made to order so please allow 48 hours. If combined with other items in the same order then these will be sent with the items once made. Thank you for your patience!

What company will you use for shipping my order?

I'm currently offering a Standard or Express service. I use a Courier which for the same price as Royal Mail means you'll get tracking updates and will know the exact date and approximate time your wax will arrive. This will make it a smoother experience for everyone. 

What is curing, and how do I do it?

Curing your freshly made wax is science! Your wax will fully mature within a week or two. Your wax will throw the best aroma after 1-2 weeks of curing. 
Curing your wax is easy, simply refrain from melting it or removing it from the packaging. 
What is the white label on the back of my wax?
In order to sell some products containing chemicals in the UK, there needs to be certain information regarding hazards in case of misuse or an accident.  What is CLP? The CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) standardises the warnings that need to be on these products, which includes wax.  SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available for all fragrances.
Is there a scent list?
Yes! Click Here!
What is the wax made from?
Bee Happy Aromas wax is hand-made and hand-poured in England. Our proprietary blend of para-soy wax and premium fragrance offers our customers a stronger and longer lasting scent experience. Para-soy is by far a better blend than just soy if you want a strong smelling throw. All fragrance oils are sold by UK suppliers which are strongly regulated to ensure safe for use
What do I use to melt your wax?
Our waxes are formulated to be used in any burner of your choosing; Electric, Tealight, oil burners - You name it! Electric burners are better for a slower fragrance release as they don't get as hot as a traditional Tea-light burner. Please make sure you ALWAYS follow the manufacturers advice and never leave a burner unattended. Only ever use a 4 hour Tea-light, an 8 hour one is too big for the average size burner.


What if I want a large quantity of wax not in stock?

I am a single person producing this wax. I offer fresh products specifically made to keep the website well stocked. If something is out of stock or there isn't enough for your order then please message me and I'll update for you immediately. All products excluding Carpet & Car Fresheners are made and ready to go.

Smells Fab! Can I eat this stuff?

While tempting, please don’t. 

Any of the sweets or chocolate included in our parcels are to be consumed at your own risk those products may have been produced in a facility which also processes nuts and/or nut products. 

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment we're shipping to U.K, Ireland, Europe & USA. Worldwide will be coming very soon! There is a currency tab that you can use to the top right hand corner of the website home page.