Bee Pink Clouds

Bee Happy Aromas


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This fragrance is now discontinued until stocks are at zero. Fear not though! you'll still be able to buy on a Custom order where I can order the oils especially for you with 7-10 days turnaround time.
Cotton candy
A mass of pink or white fluffy spun sugar wrapped round a stick. Sweet citrus accord of lemon and bergamot, musk and muguet, so scrummy. It makes you want to stick your head right into the cloudy mass of sugar.

 Simply pop a cube/scoop of this fragrance into your wax burner and enjoy! Each cube should last for two to three burns before the fragrance fades away. You can then add another cube or remove the wax and start with a different one!

Our wax pieces are lovingly handcrafted and therefore the appearance may vary from batch to batch.