Carpet Freshener

Bee Happy Aromas


Carpet freshener in ALL of your favourite Bee Happy Aromas fragrances! If the fragrance you require is in the 'Last Chance section of the website then it is sadly discontinued and may not be available for Carpet Fresheners. Please contact me on Facebook, or to make sure you aren't disappointed.

Available in 3 sizes, made fresh with a self seal tab in a handy grip shaker bottle (recyclable)

Small 100g

Medium 300g

Large 500g

(All weights are approximate)

Refills will be available soon!

How to Use:
•Always test a small area before using this product.
•Keep out of reach of children and animals.
•Do not allow children/pets to walk over surfaces with freshener on.
•Wash hands after use.
•Check Manufacturer instructions of appliance before use.
•Use sparingly. Regularly clean filters after use
•Sprinkle a small amount onto carpets and/or rugs, leave for 10-15 minutes then vacuum

Can be used for your carpets, rugs, bed, wheelie bin or anywhere that needs freshening up.
If you have a stubborn stain on a carpets or rug, then sprinkle some of the carpet freshener, add some water and scrub with a sponge or cleaning brush. This can help lift some of the stain as well as removing the smell

Please leave a note with the order for which fragrance you would like like, message me on Facebook or as soon as you've ordered, thank you.
Made to order so please allow 48 hours dispatch time.